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Spring Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilization & Dormant Oil

Here in Missouri, trees are an essential part of our environment and our landscapes. They not only provide us with fresh air and shade, but also add beauty and character to your yard for generations. But for them to live out their long lives, you need to make sure your trees and shrubs remain healthy and pest-free.

What Is Deep Root Feeding?

In nature, the leaves on trees act as a fertilizer on forest floors that feed the trees the nutrients they need. But when trees are part of our yards, we remove the leaves each fall and the natural fertilizer it would receive. This is why Deep Root Fertilization is highly recommended to ensure the health of your trees. A one-time Deep Root Liquid Fertilization service during November and December. In Fall and Winter, trees and shrubs build up starch reserves, grow new roots, and strengthen old roots. Fertilization helps to repair any damage caused by summer heat, drought, insects or disease. Fertilization makes trees and shrubs look and perform better in the Spring.

Dormant Oil

While deep root feeding helps feed your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need, it doesn’t protect them 100% from pests and the diseases they can carry. Also referred to as horticultural oil, dormant oil is a vital weapon in the war on pests. Insects that feed off your trees and shrubs overwinter on the bark in the fall where they lay eggs. In the spring, the adults emerge, and the eggs hatch. If their numbers are large enough, your tree could become infested, exacerbating the problem next year.

Dormant oil is a refined oil made from petroleum cottonseed oil. No matter what it’s made out of its purpose is the same, kill exposed insects and their eggs by smothering them in the oil. Dormant oil should be applied directly to the bark and is completely safe for the tree. Dormant oil is a great way to curb the insect population on your property and boost your trees’ resistance to diseases.

We offer deep root feeding, dormant oil applications, and other tree and shrub services that are guaranteed to make your trees healthier and more attractive looking. Our Tree & Shrub program is designed specifically for the needs of all your Missouri trees and shrubs.

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