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Terms & Conditions / FAQ

FAQ & CONTINUOUS SERVICE. To optimize the effectiveness of the services provided, Customer’s plan shall continue from year to year without any action on Customer’s part. This includes any services purchased initially or added at a later time. Remember, Customer’s plan will continue unless Customer contacts Lopez Lawn & Landscapes at 636-579-3471 to cancel. Customer or Lopez Lawn & Landscapes may cancel service at any time, subject to Customer’s obligation to pay for all contracted services as provided herein. All pre-paid amounts shall be NON-REFUNDABLE and any remaining account balance for pre-pay Customers who terminate their annual plan early (prior to completion of all scheduled plan applications) shall remain the property of Lopez Lawn & Landscapes. 

Lopez Lawn & Landscapes reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to implement annual price increases due to inflation, cost of goods and services, or other economic factors.

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