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THRIVE Custom Lawn Care Program for Missouri Turf

New THRIVE Program for 2023

We're pleased to offer a new seven step custom lawn care program to maximize the health, nourishment and beauty of your lawn year round.  Please see the program details below.


1st Application

Pre-emergent & Fertilizer

This is arguably the single most important application for your yard.

This treatment is the foundation for your fertilizer program as it builds the barrier required to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from invading your yard. 

This application includes a slow release fertilizer to help feed the turf as it is waking up in spring - providing a deep green color as you start enjoying your time outside more and more.

2nd Application

Spring Fertilizer & Weed Control

Spring is here, and the grass is growing.

But so are the weeds!

With this application we will apply broadleaf weed control, while also applying the fertilizer and nutrients necessary for your lawn to thrive during the peak growing season. 


3rd and 4th Applications

Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed and Grub Control

We use a blend of slow release fertilizers that help keep your property green through the summer.


We will also be applying grub control.  Grubs do their damage at the end of summer - so be ready!

This treatment ensures that grubs and weeds are under control before they become a problem.

5th Application

Organic Fertilizer

This is the time of year when your lawn can look hot and dry, but it still needs feeding.

To combat the elements, we apply an organic based fertilizer along with micronutrients to help the turf be as healthy as possible through long, hot summers.

This is also a time when nutsedge and fungus can appear.  We offer additional services for this so please contact us or we will notify you of these problems when we are present.


6th Application

Fall Fertilizer with Root Boost Starter

Once fall arrives we apply slow release fertilizers to refeed the turf after the harsh summer while also giving the roots nutrients to dive deeper into the soil.

This is the perfect time to Aerate and Seed your lawn as well to thicken it up so it can crowd out weeds and be even more self-sustaining going into the next year.

7th Application


This application is the unsung hero of all fertilizer programs.  As the turf goes dormant it still needs nutrients for the winter.

This slow release fertilizer provides nutrients for the turf to feed on throughout winter.  It also promotes a fast spring green up as the nutrients are in the soil and will be available the moment the grass starts growing.

Let your turf Thrive, and next spring will no longer have to be a comeback story.

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