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Aeration & Overseeding Details for Fall 2020

Fall 🍁🍂🍁🍂 is just around the corner! Let us help rejuvenate and repair your lawn from summer damage! We are scheduling AERATION and SEEDING now! Please let us know if your interested in getting a quote!

We want to make your lawn look picture perfect again!

Budget Package: Aeration & Overseeding

Premium Package: Aeration & Overseeding Starter Fertilizer ( Seedlings that are germinating need phosphorus and potassium to quickly sprout up while establishing healthy strong deep root growth. )

Diamond Package:Aeration & Overseeding Starter Fertilizer Lime Soil Amendment

Starter Fertilizer ( Seedlings that are germinating need phosphorus and potassium to quickly sprout up while establishing healthy strong deep root growth. )

Lime Soil Amendment ( As lime dissolves in soil, calcium rises to the surface of soil particles, replacing the acidic component of the soil. The acidic components, including hydrogen and potassium, react with the carbonate, leaving behind neutralized clay, carbon dioxide and water. As a result, you have a neutralized soil pH balance that is able to foster proper plant growth. )

Seed used:

High Quality Advanced Turf SunGold Tall Fescue A Mixture of Cumberland, Saltillo, & Rain Dance Tall Fescues 100 % weed free 93% germination rate

0% other matter

Disease Resistant

Drought Resistant and can withstand short mowing height

Dark Green Color

Sod Farm Quality

Aerator Lopez Lawn & Landscapes uses a top of the line ride on Ryan Lawnaire ZTS aerator that is able to pull twice as many plugs in one pass as the other companies. The more holes you produce the better the results you will get.

Add-Ons offered during Aeration:

Premium Seed Offered Jaguar and Kentucky Bluegrass

Starter Fertilizer with Phosphorus

Double Pass Aeration or Double Seeding

Repair Bare Spots: Topdressing with a rich soil bed, add seed, add starter fertilizer, and finish off with a soil and peat moss blanket.

Lime Soil Treatments

Gypsum Soil Treatments

Organic Fertilizer Soil Treatments

* Liquid Organic Kelp with Potassium

*Organic Dry Crumbles with Calcium

* Mirimichi Green with Carbon Rich Soil Enhancer

* Nutri-Pel with Huimic Acid

* Milorganite with Iron

If you choose this service and you have and in-ground sprinkler system and/or an invisible pet fence, you will need to flag all sprinkler heads, the buried invisible pet fence line (every 5-10 feet) and all other hidden obstacles, for example, down spout yard drain covers. This will need to be done prior to us arriving to perform this service.

Your Aeration & Overseeding Questions Answered...

How often should I water? -It is important to water the seeds in immediately. -The ground should be damp, but not soaking wet. -There should not be so much water that there is runoff.

First: Keep the lawn surface moist for the first 3 weeks (light daily, watering). Then: For the next 3 weeks, water more thoroughly but less often (2 to 3 times per week). Timing: Try to avoid watering in the evening, unless your work schedule makes it necessary.

How long will it take to see results? -On average, you will see grass seed begin to germinate -within 14-21 days, IF YOU WATER. -If seeding in late Summer or early Fall, you will be able to see nice germination before the end of the Fall season. -If seeding in late Fall, seedlings will over-winter and reach maturity next Spring.

When can I mow? -It is okay to mow weekly AFTER the seed has been thoroughly watered in. Please do not catch your grass clippings, only mulch them. If you catch your grass clippings, you may vacuum up the some grass seed!

What do I do with leaves? -DO NOT RAKE THE LEAVES! Seedlings are delicate and have shallow roots. -The best way to remove leaves is to blow or mulch them up with the lawn mower.

What about fertilization and weed control? -Lopez will fertilize the seed with a specially formulated product that encourages new seedling growth if requested. For continued weed control, we do recommend treatment in spot areas rather than full area treatments until the seed is established.

What if a storm comes right after I seed? -In most instances, the water is great for the seed! It will help to wash the seeds into the aeration holes.

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James Owen
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