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Autumn Curb Appeal Shrub Trimming & Landscape Freshen Up

Enhance the look and health of your shrubs and hedges with ongoing landscape trimming and pruning services.

Our Team will have your landscape trees and shrubs trimmed to your desired shape and keep them healthy with selective pruning of dead branches.

Many homeowners understand that trimming and pruning is beneficial, but they may not know some of the reasons why. Benefits associated with trimming and pruning include:

  • Removes dead or diseased branches – Rid your trees of unhealthy and unsightly damaged limbs that threaten the health and longevity of your plant.

  • Promotes healthy growth – Excess branches compete with other branches for light, water, and nutrients. By removing these limbs, the healthiest parts of trees and bushes are encouraged to grow and flourish.

  • Reducing size – Tame overgrown trees and shrubs by scaling them back to a more manageable size.

  • Gives aesthetically pleasing shape – Proper trimming and pruning gives your trees and bushes a neat appearance and also eliminates branches that are growing in an undesirable direction. Trimming can also be done to exhibit the desired shape for your hedges such as squares, globes, and even spirals.

  • Creates a safer landscape – By removing excess or damaged branches, you reduce the risk of damage to your home and property.

Call us for an estimate on landscape trimming and pruning that includes cleanup of trimmings.

Trimming and pruning of trees and bushes not only keep your landscape looking exquisite, but it breathes life into your plants and encourages health and longevity. Cleanup from our work is convenient and worry-free, as our professionals will remove and dispose of all landscape trimmings.

After Shrub trimming is performed we can also redefine your landscape beds and tree rings. A deep natural spade edge gives a fine crisp detailed look before adding fresh MULCH.

Simply call one of our dedicated professionals at 636-579-3471 or fill a request of service form out at

Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with an estimate for your home or business in or around Saint Charles and surrounding communities.

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