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Introducing our NEW PLATINUM Lawn Care Program

We are raising our game! Our new Platinum Lawn Care Program for 2021 has been designed from customer feedback and the recommendations from the University of Missouri.

PLATINUM Program: A Picture Perfect Plan for your Lawn. 7 Visits including 3 Summerguard Insect Control Treatments with Fall Aeration & Seeding

1st Visit – Pre-Emergent & Fertilizer Application

As your lawn awakens from a long winter, we apply a balanced fertilizer to maintain a Healthy Green color, a crabgrass preventive, and weed control as needed. This is one of the most important applications because preventing crabgrass is much easier than trying to eliminate it once it has become established.

2nd Visit – Spring Fertilizer & Weed Control

A second application of crabgrass prevention and fertilizer for your lawn. Also includes an application of broadleaf weed control to eradicate problem weeds such as dandelions, clover, and other broadleaf weeds. We also spot spray any existing broadleaf weeds.

3rd Visit – Post Emergent & Fertilizer Paired with the 1st of 3 Summerguard Insect & Grub Control Treatments

A Liquid Post Emergent Herbicide spot spray for any broadleaf weeds present, plus a fertilizer treatment. Grubs are closest to the turf this time of the season. A granular application controls insects both above and below the soil surface. Fast acting, long lasting control of grubs, ants, chiggers, ticks, fleas, and many more. This is a Double Application

4th Visit – Organic Fertilizer & A Mid Summerguard Insect Control Treatment

As summer is starting to heat up, we apply a slow-release, well-balanced fertilizer with iron. This helps maintain good color during summer stresses like heat and drought. We will also spot spray for weeds at this time. We will apply a Liquid Insecticide treatment not only for your Lawn but also to protect all your Tree & Shrubs from damage. This is a Double Application

5th Visit – LIME + PH BALANCER, ROOT ENHANCER & A Late Summerguard Insect Control Treatment

A Lime Soil Amendment is applied to sweeten and soften soil helps keep your Lawn Green and Healthy. Summer Annual weeds like nutsedge, spurge, and summer crabgrass thrive in hot and humid conditions.  We will also spot spray for weeds at this time.  We will apply a Liquid Insecticide treatment for your Lawn Plus all Tree & Shrubs. This is a Double Application. 

6th Visit – Aeration, Overseeding, and Starter Fertilizer

New seed requires a different fertilizer than established lawns. Seedlings that are germinating need phosphorus and potassium to build healthy and strong roots.

7th Visit – Winterizer

A Winterizer is a late Fall fertilizer designed to help lawns store more food for winter survival, and to promote deep continous root growth and encouraging a thicker lush lawn early in the spring.

*****Includes Free Spot spraying of all Broadleaf weeds present each visit*****

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