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It’s Pre-Emergent Time! Take control of your LAWN before the weeds do!

Pre-emergent for lawns and beds prevents future annual grasses and broadleaf weeds from germinating during the growing season. These products work best when applied in advance, so the timing of the application is important. In Saint Charles, generally the best time to apply these products is in February and early March. Don’t wait for the Forsythia to bloom, as this may be too late.

For annual weed control in flower beds, these products are best applied in late February or early March in conjunction with mulching. Plan on applying the pre-emergent herbicide prior to mulching, as this helps it last even longer. Also, Roundup or a similar type product should be utilized to clean up existing winter annual weeds in the beds. Please don’t pull weeds in flower beds after an application of a pre-emergent herbicide, as this breaks the barrier.

Measuring your lawn or bed size is critical to the success of these applications. Lopez Lawn & Landscapes takes the time to walk your property and count paces to be completely accurate.

How do I get started?

Let us do it for you! At Lopez Lawn & Landscapes, our pre-emergent herbicide is formulated for your lawn. Within the 5 or 7-Application Program , our pre-emergent and weed control treatment is combined with other essential treatments to provide the most effective solution for a healthy lawn. We know when the timing, weather, and overall growing conditions are right to apply the pre-emergent. It’s crucial to apply this time of year because if the season progresses, the pre-emergent will be ineffective.

With warmer weather on its way, don’t wait to be proactive.

Contact your local lawn pros at 636-579-3471 to sign up for your Weed Control Program today!

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