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Mole Trapping and Prevention

We look forward to working with you to get rid of moles in your yard! It will take some time and effort to gain and maintain control of the mole activity in your yard, but we are up for the challenge!


1. Our mole control program is a trapping and baiting program. It works very well to get rid of moles. It will not scare moles away or drive moles into a neighbor’s yard like other methods claim to do. It gets to the root of the problem.  Our Mole Program also includes a Milky Spore Treatment to your lawn late July - early August. At this time of the season Grubs hatch in Missouri. It is the most effective way to infect innumerable grubs where they will carry and create a wider safe barrier underground over time while multiplying.  

2. The initial services consists of 3 visits to your home within a 1 month period. You may or may not see dramatic results within the first month.

3. We will place orange flags to indicate where traps are located. Please do not remove the flags or disturb traps. 

4. Please keep curious dogs that love to dig away from the treated zone as much as possible.

5. We can get rid of the moles in your yard, but many times new moles move in very quickly and it can be hard to tell that progress is being made. If your yard contains conducive conditions, the likelihood that it will take longer to see significant results is greater.

6. Conducive conditions include:

★ Drainage ditches or retention ponds

★ Adjacent open areas (play grounds, cemeteries, large fields)

★ Neighbors yards with heavy mole activity

★ Creeks

★ Wooded areas

★ Tree lines

7. The ongoing service includes any additional treatments needed in order to gain and maintain control for up to 2 months from the first visit.

8. The on going service is important for three reasons…

★ It extends our efforts to gain and maintain control beyond the first 2 months. In some cases, it may take several months to get the desired results.

★ It ensures that after good control is maintained a team member will return monthly or every other month to inspect, reassess, trap or bait as needed for any new mole activity.

★ It extends the guarantee from service to service. If you find new mole activity in between visits, just call or email and we’ll come back to treat for the new mole.

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