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Tips & Tricks for Watering & Maintaining Healthy Grass

A healthy lawn is definitely a satisfying site for most people as they walk out their front door or into their backyard. The lush green appearance and crisp edged cuts always have a soft spot in any outdoor lovers heart. 

Lawns, however, are often mistreated in regard to the amount of water they truly need. A lot of homeowners will water their grass to the point where it is over saturated while others will rarely water their grass and allow for rain to be the only source of water their grass gets. During normal seasons, grass will usually need about an inch of water on a weekly basis to keep up the fresh green coloring as well as their continuing growing capabilities. Late Spring and Summer months, however, might find very intense heat, rain and humidity that could cause the lawn to grow at above normal rates. 

A Few Tips To Maintaining The Health Of Your Grass Through Proper Watering In All Season

-CREATE A GAME PLAN - There has to be a plan set in place before every season to determine how often, if at all, you are going to water your lawn. This plan has to be adhered to at all times due to the fact that if you go from watering consistently to never watering and back again, you will be affecting the lawn’s abilities to absorb nutrients. Without the ability to absorb, the grass will have nothing to feed off of and eventually die even with proper water treatment given.

-START TO WATER - The season will bring about a collection of warm days that will have kids going to the pool or playing in the backyard. Your grass does not need to be watered immediately at this point. The first sign of brown blades in your lawn as well as indentations from shoes left on the lawn will be telltale signs that watering can now begin. These signs usually state that the lawn is in a stressful situation and at this point will properly absorb anything to effectively revive itself.

-DO NOT OVER DO IT - When watering a lawn, make sure that the grass is completely soaked through so that all the moisture gets in the grass as well as seeps down into the soil and the roots. Once this is done, however, you shouldn’t have to run through this process again for another couple of days. Watering on an over-consistent basis will promote crab grass and weeds that will lead to extra lawn maintenance in the long run.

-THE EARLY BIRD - It is most effective to water your lawn in the earliest hours of the morning. The heat has not officially hit nor have any kids decided to live out their adventures in the backyard as of yet. This early morning drink of water will allow for the lawn to absorb as much water and nutrients as possible before the day’s activity truly begins.

-SPREAD THE WEALTH - It is essential that the entire lawn gets the same amount of water on a consistent basis. Using a hose with a spray attachment is not the best of ideas because it tends to focus on one area at a time and, in turn, will lead to some parts receiving more water than others. Focus your watering needs on a sprinkler for your lawn during the optimal seasons. A sprinkler allows for a natural spreading of water to all parts of the lawn for equal amounts of time.

-TOO MUCH TO DRINK - Over watering is something that most homeowners find to be a problem during premium lawn growing seasons. An over saturated lawn will be susceptible to more bugs as well as more areas for weeds and crab grass to make unpleasant appearances in your lawns. Placing bowls at different parts of the lawn while watering is taking place will help you determine how much water the lawn is getting as well as the proper time to stop each morning.

-LET NATURE TAKE CARE OF IT - Rainfall is the best source of water for lawns and usually takes place multiple times a season. If a heavy rainfall has just happened the night before, a morning watering is not necessary for risk of over saturation. Let nature always assist in any way it can to help you in your mission to obtaining the most impressive grass possible.

Lopez Lawn & Landscapes offers a variety of lawn care services  for every season. Whether you require specialized treatment for a stubborn lawn care issue or need assistance maintaining your lawn all year long, our team of experienced professionals can help.  

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